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In your appointment today, one of our personal budgeting specialists will work with you to design a detailed, customised money plan to suit your financial goals and the lifestyle you want to live.
Please take a moment to watch the video, which explains how your free consultation works and the results you can expect.

What is your current situation and goals?

The financial wellness survey provides an overview of your financial situation. It only takes 30 seconds to complete, yet it can provide deep insights. If you have joint finances, we recommend that you and your partner complete the survey individually.

Credit Sense Service

To create your customised budget, it is important that we have all the right information.
To help us, we use a service called Credit Sense. Credit Sense is an Australian owned and operated technology company.
They provide a simple, safe and secure process that uses internet banking to access consumers’ bank account transactions. It is the same service used by many other banks and institutions to verify financial information.

While You Wait

Your personal budgeting specialist is now analysing your finances to create a customised budget for you. While you wait, please feel welcome to watch this video and explore the resources below.
Your budget is going to be a detailed money plan that shows exactly what you can achieve with your money over the next 12 months and beyond.
  • Future-proof your finances
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Get a plan for your money

Client Stories

MyBudget clients come from all walks of life.
They are literally a cross-section of the community. Some earn a little, some earn a lot. Some want to reduce debt, others want to save faster and get ahead.
All of them have a unique and inspiring story.
Just like you.

Browse The Blog

The MyBudget blog is an overflowing piggy bank of money tips and tricks designed to help you live your best financial life.
We tackle all topics money, from recipes to retirement, from loans to living expenses, and everything fun and financial in between.

MyBudget Client App

The MyBudget App provides you with fast, secure and easy mobile access to your budget and personal finances anytime, anywhere.
Adding bills to your budget is a snap.
Message us, move money and get a detailed 12-month view of your money—all from the convenience of your pocket.

You’re Always In Control

We offer two convenient ways to view and access your budget.
The MyBudget Client App is perfect for managing your budget on-the-go, while the MyBudget Client Web Portal offers similar functionality from the convenience of your computer or laptop.
Either way, you get total visibility and accessibility to your money.

How MyBudget Works

Watch the video to see how MyBudget has helped 110,000+ people do better with their money.
We provide caring money management, structure and support so you can enjoy a life free from money worries.
We do this by providing a clear path to your goals and caring team to do all the heavy lifting for you.